Website of Larry McLerran

I am a theoretical nuclear physicist.  I am currently a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Nuclear Theory and a professor in the Physics Department at the University of Washington.  My interests are in the theory of dense strongly interacting mattter and how it may appear in high energy collisions, in neutron stars and in the early universe.  My research has involved contributions to the theory of baryon number violation in electroweak theory (Sphalerons), quarks and gluons at finite temeprature and density (The Quark Gluon Plasma), the dense configuration of gluons as made in ultra-relativistic collisions of strongly interacting particles (The Color Glass Condensate), and high density quark matter  at zero temperature (Quarkyonic Matter.)  I have also done early work on the theory of the  production of  dense matter in high energy collisions, and novel features of QCD asociated with topological effects (The Chiral Magnetic Effect.)  You can view my scientific papers at

I have in the past  held academic permanent positions at Fermilab (Scientist), University of Minnesota (Professor and Director of the Fine Institute of Thoeretical Physics) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (Senior Scientist, Nuclear Theory Group Leader, Head of Theory Group of Riken Brookhaven Center), and Director of the Institute for Nuclear Theory, University of Washington.

I have honorary PhD's from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland and China Central Normal Univeristy in Wuhan, China.

I have been awarded a Humboldt Prize (Frankfurt University), the Hans Jensen Prize (Heidelberg University), the Herman Feschbach Prize (American Physical Society) and the Pomeranchuk Prize (Insitute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow)