WebSite of Larry McLerran

The two photos are of my wife, Alice and me taken in a restaurant in Florence, Italy in 2011.  The phtographer is Yuri Dokshitzer, a distinguished physicist colleague shown below.

The photo below is of Yuri Dokshitzer and myself in the Bardini Gardens in Florence taken by Matushka Medouz.  Pericolo Vietato is Italian for Forbidden to Enter

This website contains information for professional colleages, family friends and family.

My professional vita is in vita.pdf and contains information related to my professional career.  This is a more or less complete accounting of my career as a theoretical physicist.  On this site, there is an anecdotal vita which is aninformal  account of my career until the time I went to Brookhaven National Lab in 1999.  I am now updating this to include the time at BNL. I recently moved to Seattle to become the Director of the Institute for Nuclear Theory where I am also a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Washington

I have written a number of anecdotes about colleagues.  These are largely for birthday celebrations and are not widely available.  It also includes several poems and stories about animals that I did just for fun.

There are several pages for my family:  One is about Alice and includes a presentation I did for her Big Birthday.  She has her own web site.  I have pages  about the McLerran family, and pages about Alice, and our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I give a somewhat simplified explanation of my scientific activities.  I hope this will give family and friends some of the spririt of my work