This photo was taken of me and my friend Yuri Dokshitzer in the Bardini Gardens in Florence.  

The photographer is Matushka Medouz.

(Pericolo Vietato L’Accesso is Italian for

“Danger:  It is Forbidden to Enter”)

WebSite of Larry McLerran

This  website has information for professional colleagues, family friends and family.  

My professional vita.pdf contains information related to my professional career.  This is a more or less up to date accounting of my career in theoretical physics.  There is also a link to an anecdotal form of the vita which is perhaps more accessible.  The anecdotal vita  and vita its continuation is now done, although both are in a sate of flux with new  material being included.

My  scientific publications are listed on spires, which is a data base run by Stanford University.  My papers are accessed by typing find a mclerran in the displayed dialog box.  I keep some of my talks available as power point files, since conference proceedings cannot always include all the figures and illustrations.

I have written a number of anecdotes  about scientific colleagues.  These were composed largely for birthday celebrations, and are not widely available.  There is also an anecdote about my now deceased brilliant cat, who I once unsuccessfully tried to get a visiting scientist position.  

I have several pages for my family.  These include a page for Alice.  Alice  has a web site where she presents her professional work, and her own take on friends and family.  In McLerrans, I describe my grandparents, parents and siblings.  Alice and my family, her children and our grandchildren, are the subject of Our Family.

I give a simplified explanation of my scientific activities.  These are the major  themes I have worked on in my career.  I hope this will give family and non-physicist friends the spirit of my work.